Trailer Making Service

We can also make a trailer for your book. Our prices are as follows:

$25 for 15-20 seconds

$30 for 30 Р45 seconds

$50 for 55 – 65 seconds

$65 for 1min 30

Please note, if you have specified a 45 second trailer, and it ends up a little longer in order to make the best trailer possible, you will only be charged for 45 seconds. In all cases, we will endeavour to hit your time preference.

Trailers can be made from available royalty free video footage or stills. If you have a still that you would like to use, please ensure it is available to be used free of charge and royalty free, or that you own the right to use it.

Always Write Club has a YouTube Channel where we post the trailers we make so that you may link to them directly or just enjoy a little extra exposure of your work. You also receive a copy of your trailer via email for you to download to your computer and upload to the platform of your choice.

Interested? Contact us.

Example Trailers