Let it Snow!

Welcome to our fantastic winter, Christmas and snow-themed book showcase. If you like reading Christmas books in December (like we do!) you’ve got your words cut out here, for sure. 😉 Whatever your preferred genre or steam liking, we should have something to suit everyone, so grab a hot chocolate and a nice fluffy blanket, and settle down for a browse. Don’t forget to scroll right the way to the bottom for our Rafflecopter for an opportunity to win an echo dot. 🙂 Perfect for listening to all of the audio books you bought for Christmas. 😉

We also have a Pinterest board, so feel free to hurry there after you’ve entered the Rafflecopter and pin any books that interest you.

If you’re on Goodreads, stop by the list and vote for your favourite – or add any other winter books to our list that you feel fit the theme. 🙂

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