The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell

review - the one you really wantWhen it comes to love, never say never

When Nancy discovers the expensive jewelry her husband’s been buying isn’t for her, she decamps from the Scottish countryside to her best friend Carmen’s posh Chelsea town house to sort things out.

Nancy finds herself in a surprising new world, where rock stars are nicer than you thought, social workers are not necessarily to be trusted, and the filthy rich are folks with problems just like you. Everybody falls in love with the wrong people, and the path to true love twists and turns before you discover who you really want.

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Reviewer: Gina

Rating: 5 stars


I have loved this book. The characters leapt off the pages and roamed around my head. In fact, I almost expected to see them cluttering up my house, they felt so real. When I wasn’t reading, I wondered how they were, what they were doing, what they would do next. I love that feeling.

The story is a gentle meander through the spark of romantic chemistry and the beginnings of romance with no explicit descriptions or scenes. There was occasional swearing (not always mild) but it was always in character and not gratuitous.

A couple of the supporting characters were stereotypes e.g the wise mother who lived to help others and be useful but I didn’t find it odd or distracting because it wasn’t their story. They didn’t need to be different than they were – and I loved them anyway.

I really enjoyed the world that Ms Mansell created, even the idealistic elements of it,and I felt totally at home there. One of my tests of a feel-good book is whether I would be happy to live in the world myself and, on this occasion I am very happy to report that yes, I would be. (Especially if I owned or stayed in one of the mansions.)

There were a number of points of view presented in the story and, at first, I didn’t know whether I would enjoy being share among so many characters but, once I got used to the perspective changes, I stopped noticing them and enjoyed seeing situations through different eyes.

This is exactly the kind of book I would pick up and recommend to everyone I know (who enjoys the genre). I think any reader who likes Trisha Ashley will also really enjoy this.

I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley from the publisher in return for an honest review.