Operation Wildcat by Megan Michelau – Cover Reveal

Operation Wildcat


Jess Baker thought being a leopard shifter in the small town of Blackford was the most exciting thing that was ever going to happen to her. She wanders through her days blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking behind the seemingly peaceful façade of her hometown. When the mysterious Caleb Marsh waltzes into her family’s diner, her attention is irreversibly drawn to him. Little does she know the intriguing stranger will be the key to her survival.

Caleb Marsh is a man on a mission. He’s been charged with the job of finding the men responsible for shifter deaths throughout the country. When he stumbles upon a local shifter willing to assist in any way she can he can’t refuse her. The lines between duty and love begin to blur and Caleb must do what he does best to protect not only her, but the shifter community as well. Will their bond be severed or will love triumph?


The waitress’s scent caught his attention as she came near. Shifter. He leaned back in the booth and allowed her to place a menu in front of him. She stared at him through suspiciously narrowed brilliant green eyes. The woman could be described as stunning, tall and lean with the legs of a runner. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders in soft gold waves, sun streaks throughout.

“What can I get you to drink?” She asked.

She wore a faded Motley Crue concert shirt, holey jeans, and flip flops. The smell of leopard radiated from her, filling his nostrils. But if he wasn’t mistaken there was more than one in the building. Caleb gave a quick glance toward the counter and saw two younger women huddled together. The one standing before him angled herself in such a way to make sure she shielded what must be her family from his view.

“Black coffee and a glass of water,” he ordered as he picked up the menu to browse. With a nod, the waitress left but returned quickly with his drinks.

“What can I getcha?” She asked, then pulled a pad of paper out of her back pocket and a pen from behind her ear.

“I’ll get a steak sandwich, rare, and mashed potatoes with gravy on the side.” She jotted down his order. When she glanced back up, they locked eyes. The challenge reflected in her gaze surprised him. An unmistakable seriousness and the promise of bodily harm were evident. It told him if he tried anything she didn’t like, he would be sorry. With a nod, she turned and walked away. She handed the order to one of the other shifters and sat down at the counter, gave him one last quick glance, and then returned to the paper that lay open in front of her. His cat’s curiosity piqued, he wanted to find out as much as he could about the bold woman. Strictly professional of course.

Caleb sipped his coffee and smiled. This job might be easier than he first expected. Not only had he found what he assumed was a family of leopard shifters, but they possibly owned the local diner where humans frequented. They may have heard something that would help.

The waitress returned with his order. She placed a porcelain plate holding a mouth-watering steak sandwich and potatoes on the table in front of him. “Can I get you anything else?” She crossed her arms over her well-endowed chest.

What would it be like to have her voluptuous breasts pressed against him? Snap out of it! He gave himself a mental shake.

Megan MichelauBio

Megan lives on seven acres of land in rural Alberta, Canada and enjoys the simple country life. Paranormal romance allows her to create the places and characters she has always wanted to read about. She enjoys bringing her stories to life every chance she gets. When she isn’t writing she’s spending time with her husband and daughter whether it’s camping, riding ATV’s or just hanging out at home. Her family is the most important thing to her.



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