How Our Cross Promo Works

Our Part

For a basic promo with Always Write Club, you pay $5 per book.

But we think our promo is a long way from basic. For your $5 fee, you get the following:

  • Entry into a social media building RaffleCopter with a prize for the winning entrant.
  • Randomised positioning our landing page – each visitor will see your book in a different position.
  • Tweets that are sent throughout the promo to showcase individual participants (and you will be tagged in ‘your’ tweet so you can retweet to your followers.)
  • Placement in a Goodreads Listopia
  • Placement on a dedicated Pinterest board.
  • Where we are able to gain enough followers, there will also be a twitter blast through Thunderclap or similar.

Your Part

Because this is a cross promo opportunity, it requires the participation of every author to be successful.It’s much more than a newsletter builder. The other promotional elements of our approach aim to spread your reach across other platforms.

Think of it as a Pop Up Street Team – for the two weeks of the promo, you’re all helping to promote each other by attracting your readers to the landing page where, hopefully, they will find new authors to click on as well as a RaffleCopter with an enticing prize. You could be that new author to someone – just as an author two lines down the cover chart could be new to one of our readers.

Group support key. For example, a Twitter blast might require a minimum of 100 supporters to be sent. However, if we have 25 authors in the promotion, that’s only 4 sign-ups per author. We recommend and encourage blogs, Facebook pages and reader groups, and newsletters be utilised to reach your readers.

If you post in a blog or a newsletter, let us know and we’ll pin that to the board, too.

This is top group promo at low cost.

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