Her Dollmaker’s Desire by Gina Wynn

GW_BeyondFairytales_HerDollmakersDesire_mediumRule number 123: Once upon a time is for fairy tales, not for broken ex dancers who live at home with Daddy and a textbook evil stepmother, and who only manage to get through life by counting every single step.

Amy knows her rules inside out…who to spend time with, what to eat, what to drink and what to do—until danger shows up in a leather jacket on a shiny chrome motorbike. Suddenly, breaking the rules, or making up new ones, seems to be all she can manage no matter how hard she tries, and her rigid control starts to slip.

Peder’s violent past has shaped him into the man he is, much the way he has learned to shape dolls with the help of his grandfather. He used to have only one rule in his life, courtesy of his absent brother and their shared gang past. When Peder becomes trapped in a fresh web of lies and family ties. He must decide if he should start breaking the rules he didn’t know he lived by to take a chance on a future with Amy.

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Reviewer: Missy

Rating: 5 Stars

A boy from the wrong side of the tracks…a girl so scarred by her past she need to repeat “the rules” to make it through each day.

Her Dollmaker’s desire, a retelling of a lesser-known Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, takes the magic and enchantment of f-tales and spins it into a 5 star contemporary romance.


For Amy’s first assignment as a reporter–a job her father arranged for her–she must interview old world legendary doll maker, Tobias. Facing her demons–real and imagined–by stepping out of her house and into Tobias’s world, Amy meets Peder, a leather jacket wearing, bicycle riding hottie, the likes of which she has never seen up close. He is handsome, smells like heaven and is the complete opposite of the ex who left his mark on her body and her mind. 


To finish her article, Amy is thrust into a world she never knew existed, a world where rules don’t exist and she is free to live and love as she pleases.


Peder falls for Amy at first sight. She is everything he never knew he wanted and once he has a taste of her lips, he knows there is no turning back. Connected to her by passion, he is forced to hide the part of his past that is loosely connected to hers (that’s all the further I can go with that. You’ll just have to be surprised). He is smitten with the slighty shy, seriously OCD reporter assigned to interview his grandfather. 


With a supporting cast of characters with their own fully developed storylines, this novel allows the reader to journey into a perfect romance full of sensuality and depth.