Interview Questions

Choose Your Own Interview!

Welcome to our Pick n Mix author questions. Grab the ones you like (as many or as few as you choose), contact us with the answers using the form below, and we’ll post your finished interview so everyone can enjoy it. Simple!

Getting to know you:

    • What most inspires you?
    • Where and when do you write?
    • Where do you plan to be with your writing in five years?
    • Do you have any other books in the works?
    • Aside from writing, what do you do that makes you happiest?
    • Have you got a catalogue of work, or is this your debut?
    • Would you want to live in the world you’ve created and why/why not?
    • Have you got any other hobbies or talents?
    • When did you start writing, and why?
    • Did you have a favourite book or author as a child? Have you got one now?
    • Is there one thing it would surprise your friends to know about you?
    • What do you find hardest to write?
    • What was the last thing you were thankful for, and why?
    • When did you last laugh? What at?
    • If you could move your life, family and friends to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    • Describe your perfect day.

Getting to know your story:

    • Have you got a favourite scene – which? Why?
    • Do you write to music and did you have a playlist for your book, or are there songs that make you think of your characters and settings?
    • Is there anything you think a reader should know about your book before picking it up, or anything you might want to tell us about your characters that we won’t find between the covers?
    • What would your MC consider an ideal birthday present?
    • What would your MC consider an ideal date?
    • Which Avenger would your MC most like to date?
    • Which TV/Movie star most resembles your Mc(s)?
    • Your main character is on a date with Iron Man. Does she ask to try on the suit?
    • Your MC finds Thor’s hammer. Is he/she worthy of picking it up?
    • Your MC has pissed off the Hulk. How long does he/she last in a stare down before he/she turns to run away?
    • Your MC has to choose a new best friend from this list: Who does he/she choose ad why? Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, or Joey
    • Why should someone buy your book?

Short or long…

    • Swimming pool or the sea?
    • Coffee or tea?
    • Cake or cookies?
    • Fruit or chocolate?
    • Take the car or walk?

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