Boxed Sets and Anthologies

Welcome to a book showcase filled with billions of stories. Seriously! Well, maybe not billions, but each cover here hides multiple stories. They’re like little TARDISes. We are so thrilled to bring you a second incredible and eclectic selection of books in June, some of which are available in KU, some of which are wide. And some of which are free at time of posting, some which might make the tiniest of small impacts on your wallet. But all completely worth exploring…consuming…digesting. However you best enjoy your books. But find somewhere comfy to read them – you could be in the same position for a number of months if you work through them all. 🙂

We also have a Pinterest board, so feel free to hurry there and repin any books that interest you.

If you’re on Goodreads, stop by the list and vote for your favourite – or add any other wide books to our list if you feel they fit the theme. Let everyone know about the widely available books that you love.

To the books!